Ladies Craft Night:

The ladies and young girls of Carencro's Apstolic Church host a monthly craft night and we are always excited to have visitors and friends from the community join us! There is always an opportunity to win prizes, quick games, tasty food, and top notch crafts created. We would love to have you join us.

Bible Studies:

Carencro's Apostolic Church has a robust home bible study program where designated teachers will meet with members of the community on their own time and space to learn more about the Bible and its teachings. These Bible studies can be topic specific or general teachings, depending on the needs and wants of those enrolled.

Meet Our Excellent Bible Study Teachers Below.

Tim & Rebecca

Jerome & Precious

Jeremy & Desiree

Jeff and Kristen

Jacob and Ashley

Chris and Alison

Sunday School:

The Sunday School program at Carencro's Apostolic Church is designed for both members and non-members, all are welcome. Children Ages 5-15 are grouped into age appropriate classes, where they learn foundational bible lessons through traditional teaching, interactive skits, crafts and fast paced games. Our Sunday school teachers are passionate about teaching the youth biblical principles that will enrich their current lives and help them grow into adulthood.